You’ve reached noisyvagabond! The home of c. ‘transient‘ martin (aka beat.dowsing, fascinating earthbound objects, harmonic defiance, quietest, and some others.) I’ve been delivering strange and eclectic electronic music  since 1992 which you will find within. Almost my entire catalog can be had for free download (now over 600 tracks) released for the most part with Creative Commons licenses.


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An exhaustively complete discography or PDF of my projects compiled by Zach Bridier.

Interested in a commercial license for one of my  track to use in film/video/game etc.? Most of my catalog is available to license via Jamendo! (transient, beat.dowsing, quietest, fascinating earthbound objects)



Quick Download Links:
Fascinating Earthbound Objects – Coordinate Points [MP3]
Fascinating Earthbound Objects – Coordinate Points [FLAC]
Split Phase – Compendium [MP3]
Fascinating Earthbound Objects – Eelahoo [MP3]

Fascinating Earthbound Objects – Eelahoo [FLAC]
Quietest – Chime [MP3]
Quietest – Chime [FLAC]
Transient – Return to the White Blazes [MP3]
Transient – Return to the White Blazes [FLAC]
Beat.Dowsing – Sydney EP [MP3]
Harmonic Defiance – Bloom EP [MP3]
Transient – Ebb & Flow [MP3]
Quietest – Cold [MP3]
Beat.Dowsing – Washed.Out EP [MP3]
Harmonic Defiance – Language of Light EP [MP3]
Transient – Apathy13 [MP3]
Beat.Dowsing – Rising.Current [MP3]
Beat.Dowsing – Rising.Current [FLAC]
Transient – Chiquesalunga [MP3]
Transient – Chiquesalunga [FLAC]
Transient – Symphony of Curves [MP3]
Transient – Path-01 [MP3]
Fascinating Earthbound Objects – And So the Game Has Gone [MP3]
Beat.Dowsing – Trigger.Melodies [MP3]
Beat.Dowsing – Trigger.Melodies [FLAC]
Transient – Green Butter [MP3]
Transient – Wonky Bypass [MP3]
Transient – Heart Fin Lake [MP3]
Transient – Melts Away… [MP3]
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Split Phase – Compendium [nvr050]


Time for a special and long overdue release here at noisyvagabond! For our 50th release we present a gigantic collection of tracks (43 to be exact for a total of 6 hours of music!) from Split Phase. Split Phase was a live electronic duo hailing from Upstate NY consisting of myself (c. ‘transient’ martin) and Mike McIntosh active for a period roughly through 2010-2014. For our live shows, we were joined by Nate Vanslyke on lights and visuals. I provided the musical backing via loopers and a plethora of synths and effect processors while Mike provided the rhythms via an acoustic and electronic drum kit. Split Phase was an attempt to make music in real time which generally was made with sequencers or computers and bring those types of sounds into an improvised live process. As such, the music lost some of it’s precision but gained much in the way of humanized passionate expression. Presented here is a small selection of the countless hours of recordings we amassed practicing and creating on a near daily basis. You will find an eclectic mix of genres ranging from jazz, funk, drum and bass, dub, techno, downtempo, and more as we were never interested in pigeonholing ourselves into any particular sound. I hope you can find something in this compendium that moves you. One day the fates will realigned and new Split Phase music will be churned out. Until then, ENJOY!

Acknowledgements: Thanks to Carmen Chiles for letting us include our remix of her track ‘Love is’ and Sarah Winton for providing vocals for ‘Compromise’.


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fascinating earthbound objects – eelahoo [nvr049]


My second release under the guise of ‘fascinating earthbound objects’ finds its way to your ears in the form of this 20 track album. Running the gamut of unrestricted genre exploration, expect a little bit of everything. Enjoy!


Also available on Spotify!

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transient – return to the white blazes [nvr047]


15 years ago I released ‘white blazes’, an album made while hiking on the Appalachian Trail. A place that feels like my true home. Always residing in the depths of my mind, calling me back to the solitude and beauty that only nature can provide. So life recently provided me a little window of a bit over a month to return to this magical trail. Naturally, I thought it was a perfect time to compose a follow up to the original ‘white blazes’ and so you have here before you ‘return to the white blazes’. An album composed in the forests on the AT in Virginia, North Carolina, & Tennessee in the months of October and November of 2016. Back in the early 2000’s when I conceived the first release, I carried a heavy (15+ pound) laptop. The battery would barely hold a charge, and in the colder months of a winter hike would barely work at all. Oh, how times have changed in this short moment between then and now. This trip, I was able to carry 2 cell phones, a tablet, a plethora of power banks, etc. all weighing well under the weight and thoroughly out performing in terms of specs the original laptop.  The trip provided much adventure and time for deep thought. I was surrounded with beautiful vistas awash in the splendor of autumn, clean crisp air in the star filled nights. I shared my campsite with packs of coyotes, got interrupted during dinner by a hungry bear, read lots of books, experienced the intensity of forest fires, and generally got rid of years worth of clutter in my head in a way only the trail can provide. It is my hope, that in some way, I may have captured just a bit of that magic in what I present to you here. That in these tones and rhythms you can experience a bit of that solitude and beauty for yourself, and if I failed, I only hope I can encourage you to go out and experience the wonders of nature for yourself. Much Love! -transient


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beat.dowsing – sydney ep [nvr046]


As I’m about to depart for a few months of backpacking (to work on white blazes 2) I decided it was only appropriate to start things off with a clean slate. So I’ve organized the few random tracks I’ve got floating around in unreleased states into the ep you have before you. A smattering of downtempo and more upbeat electronics for your listening pleasures. Dedicated to my little friend and constant companion Sydney the cockatoo who’s handsome face graces the cover.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 License


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