transient – white blazes [nvr009] mp3

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Release Text:
This record was created between Febuary 2002-July 2002 while hiking on the Appalachian Trail ,a 2,100+ mile hike that runs from Springer Mountain, Georgia to Mount Katahdin, Maine. It was written on two separate hikes. One from Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia to Pearisburg, Virginia in the winter of 2002. The second trip started in April 2002, it began in Bennington, Vermont and ended in Gorham, New Hampshire.

Released as low press CDr in 2002 by noisyvagabond. Re-released as mp3 in 2004.

Track Locations:

1. tracked @ harrisonburg, va (brother’s house), & @ the north fork of Piney River, Va, & @ Beuna Vista Motel in Beauna Vista, Va.

2. tracked @ Stephe & Michelle’s in Catawba, Va in the valley of Tinker Cliffs.

3. tracked @ Lancaster, Pa, & @ the Kalidescope Cafe in Buchanan, Va.

4. tracked @ the Holy Family Hostel in Pearisburg, Va.

5. tracked @ in various locations in Lancaster, Pa.

6. tracked @ in various locations in Lancaster, Pa.

7. tracked @ the Stratton Ski Patrol hut on top of Stratton Mountain, Stratton Vt. (the birthplace of the idea of the AT)

8. tracked @ Bromely Tenting Area, Vt., & @ Little Rock Pond, Vt.

9. tracked @ Claredon Shelter, Vt. & @ Random spot besides a brook near Pomefert, Vt.

10. tracked @ harrisonburg, va (brother’s house), & @ the Panarchy House, Dartmouth, Nh.

11. tracked @ The Barn Hiker’s Hostel in Gorham, Nh, & Lake of the Clouds Hut, near the summit of Mt. Washington (recorded digeredoo by Mike Cretella)

12. tracked @ Garfield Campsite, Mt. Garfield, Nh., & @ Lancaster, Pa.

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