You’ve reached noisyvagabond! The home of c. ‘transient‘ martin (aka beat.dowsing, fascinating earthbound objects, harmonic defiance, quietest, and some others.) I’ve been delivering strange and eclectic electronic music  since 1992 which you will find within. Almost my entire catalog can be had for free download (now over 600 tracks) released for the most part with Creative Commons licenses.


Contact noisyvagabond@gmail.com

An exhaustively complete discography or PDF of my projects compiled by Zach Bridier.

Interested in a commercial license for one of my  track to use in film/video/game etc.? Most of my catalog is available to license via Jamendo! (transient, beat.dowsing, quietest, fascinating earthbound objects)



Quick Download Links:
Fascinating Earthbound Objects – Coordinate Points [MP3]
Fascinating Earthbound Objects – Coordinate Points [FLAC]
Split Phase – Compendium [MP3]
Fascinating Earthbound Objects – Eelahoo [MP3]

Fascinating Earthbound Objects – Eelahoo [FLAC]
Quietest – Chime [MP3]
Quietest – Chime [FLAC]
Transient – Return to the White Blazes [MP3]
Transient – Return to the White Blazes [FLAC]
Beat.Dowsing – Sydney EP [MP3]
Harmonic Defiance – Bloom EP [MP3]
Transient – Ebb & Flow [MP3]
Quietest – Cold [MP3]
Beat.Dowsing – Washed.Out EP [MP3]
Harmonic Defiance – Language of Light EP [MP3]
Transient – Apathy13 [MP3]
Beat.Dowsing – Rising.Current [MP3]
Beat.Dowsing – Rising.Current [FLAC]
Transient – Chiquesalunga [MP3]
Transient – Chiquesalunga [FLAC]
Transient – Symphony of Curves [MP3]
Transient – Path-01 [MP3]
Fascinating Earthbound Objects – And So the Game Has Gone [MP3]
Beat.Dowsing – Trigger.Melodies [MP3]
Beat.Dowsing – Trigger.Melodies [FLAC]
Transient – Green Butter [MP3]
Transient – Wonky Bypass [MP3]
Transient – Heart Fin Lake [MP3]
Transient – Melts Away… [MP3]
Explore the page further for more releases….

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